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Digital content platforms have become a rapidly growing industry in Turkey in recent years. Among these platforms, prominent names include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BluTV, Puhu TV, YouTube Premium, and Exxen. Exxen is a platform that has been making headlines in Turkey lately. With its local content and live sports broadcasts, Exxen has garnered the attention of users and is striving to make a name for itself among digital content platforms in the country.


Exxen’s mobile application being released without going through UX testing and forgetting the registration option indicates that the potential problems that users may experience were not anticipated before its release. This makes it difficult for users to use the application and can have a negative impact on its success. Therefore, the usability of an application should be thoroughly examined, including UX testing and user feedback.


To solve the problems in Exxen’s mobile application according to UX processes, I conducted user tests to understand the needs, expectations, and behaviors of the target audience. I used methods such as netnography, benchmarking, prototyping, and A/B testing to ensure that the application meets user expectations. In order to make it easier for users to navigate within the application, I changed the menu design and content order, while also making visual elements such as colors and fonts more consistent. Additionally, I added a registration section to make the registration process easier for users. Designing the application according to UX processes has resulted in a more user-friendly experience, increasing user satisfaction.


The Exxen Mobile App Design project tells the story of the steps taken to better understand and meet the needs and expectations of users. Focusing on user experience and continually improving it has contributed to the success of Exxen’s mobile application. The user-friendly experience designed as part of this project has become a distinguishing factor for Exxen among digital content platforms. Users can now use Exxen more comfortably, contributing to the platform’s growth.

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